Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Useful links for creating client side (web-browser) utilities

Links for tutorial -
Java Script -
Links providing re-usable code

Creating Sliding form effects using J-Query -

Dom drag and drop script -

Imbeding Google Map Selector-

Creating pi graph-

Creating line graph-

Tic Tak Toe-

Zooming the image-

gAjax RSS Pausing Scroller

Performing get and post from Ajax-

Using Object detection to sniff out different browsers -

AutoSelect Increment Search

Dojo UI Widgets -

Field selection or identifying the start/end position in text area

Making the webpages non copiable

Adding encrypt or decrypt capability in web app using java Script  -

Implementing various widgets using Dojo - 
Tree -
Grids & Chart  -
Various Widgets -

Other useful information -
  1. Changing the mouse cursor type in runtime using javascript
  2. Changing the mouse cursor type using CSS

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